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    He mentions the four elements, earth, water, air and fire, as parts of the natural
    world. Nature can also refer to natural essences or substances, and be related to
  2. "Optimality and Teleology in Aristotle's Natural Science" by Devin ...
    In the final section I return to the comparison between Plato and Aristotle and
    argue that, while both see the natural world as the product of an optimizing agent
  3. Aristotle's Concept of Nature: Three Tensions
    as 'the natural world,' I argue that there are three tensions stemming from this.
    First, the natural world is, at times, placed in opposition to the human realm, while
  4. Aristotle, Metaphysics, Book 2
    ... about the natural world, and as an individual contributes little or nothing to the
    inquiry; but a combination of all conjectures results in something considerable.,0086...2
  5. David Ebrey (ed.), Theory and Practice in Aristotle's Natural Science ...
    Aristotle argued that in theory one could acquire knowledge of the natural world.
    But he did not stop there; he put his theories into practice. This volume of new ...
  6. Teleology Without Tears: Aristotle and the Role of Mechanistic ...
    drawn from the field of mechanics to investigate the natural world. 'Mechanistic
    conceptions' of organisms in ancient Greek philosophy, then, are those that draw
  7. Edward Hussey, Aristotle on earlier natural science - PhilPapers
    This article examines earlier opinions on certain fundamental questions about
    the natural world, as treated in the first three books of the Physics and in the first ...
  8. 16.08.12, Alwishah and Hayes, eds., Aristotle and the Arabic ...
    ... of the concept transcends anything in Aristotle and helps Averroes to explain
    hylic intellect, agent intellect, and how human beings perceive the natural world.
  9. 8 Aristotle and Modern Mathematical Theories of the Continuum ...
    properties in the natural world.3. An apparent implication of Aristotle's description
    of mathem- atical properties at Physics 193b34-5 as those that are separable ...
  10. Aristotle's Theory of Equity
    Jun 1, 1994 ... the natural world. The natural life of the human creature is a political life. Humans
    live in states and make laws as naturally as they procreate.


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