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  1. Turkmenistan
  2. Do not execute Ahmad Naseri - احمد نصیری را اعدام نکنید - Petition ...
    1280, Salman farsi, N/G, Turkmenistan, N/G, Nov 10, 2013. 1279, Ali Abbas, N/G,
    Turkmenistan, N/G, Nov 10, 2013. 1278, Rubayath Namibur Razzak, N/G ...
  3. Do not execute Kamal Malaie کمال ملأیی را اعدام نکنید - Petition ...
    2756, Salman farsi, N/G, Turkmenistan, N/G, Nov 10, 2013. 2755, Ali Abbas, N/G,
    Turkmenistan, N/G, Nov 10, 2013. 2754, Farkhod Tashmukhamedov ...
  4. FREE Davoud Abdullahi - داود عبداللهی را آزاد کنید - Petition ...
    3349, Abdulaziz Abdullah, Munich, Germany, View, Sep 17, 2013. 3348, Imran
    Azimov, N/G, Turkmenistan, N/G, Sep 17, 2013. 3347, nona kamalowa, N/G, N/G
  5. A Petition from the Residents of the Ravinia Apartments
    Aug 23, 2006 ... 8, Pilojgdjd, Pilojgdjd Pilojgdjd, Berlin, Berlin, Turkmenistan, View, Apr 02, 2007.
    7, mkfylw uwtvxcdl, unsbqfhe edtqigmwf unsbqfhe edtqigmwf ...
  6. Support for the retention of the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway Petition
    Jan 22, 2016 ... We, the undersigned, support the retention of the historic Douglas Bay Horse
    Tramway as a vital part to the Island's visitor... horse-tramway.html
  7. Save our Tim - Petition signatures - Page: 1
    May 18, 2007 ... Title, Name, Town/City, S/C/P, Region, Comment, Date. 6, N/G, The Presh, N/G, N
    /G, Turkmenistan, View, May 21, 2007. 5, N/G, The Cast ...
  8. Say No to the Western Australian Goverment - Petition signatures ...
    Jan 29, 2007 ... 30, Nick, Nick Nick, New York, New York, Turkmenistan, View, May 08, 2007. 29,
    Nick, Nick Nick, Moscow, Moscow, Tonga, View, May 04, 2007.
  9. The F.Y.R.O.M. is not Macedonia; U.S. restore the truth! Petition
    Apr 8, 2016 ... WE, the undersigned, citizens and residents of the United States of America and
    of countries around the world interested in advancing ... macedonia.html
  10. Stop! Look! Listen! Don't put your life on the line Petition
    Petition with GoPetition: Start a petition, build support, win campaigns, or simply
    follow the causes you love. Get petition templates and how to write ideas.


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