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  1. lxi VS vti civic dimension
    there is an interesting comment I heard: An LXI civic has higher start-up torque
    and acceleration than VTi Civic! ther reason: An LXi is like a vtec e.

  2. what are the pros and cons of a honda civic lxi?
    im planning to buy a honda lxi kc baka matulungan nyo ako mga tsikoteers pra
    mgka idea kung ano ang dapat malaman sa sasakyan na ...

  3. Honda Civic 2002 lxi - what to check?
    I'm currently looking at a 2002 Honda Civic Lxi. I just saw it and it looks fine to me.
    I want to check it further though. Ano ba mga basic na dpa.

  4. Honda City 200,2001 or Civic Lxi/Vti 97,98? (Equally Priced) Best ...
    Would u go for a 2nd hand Honda City 2000 2001 or a 2nd hand Civic Lxi/Vti
    1997 1998? Providing all other factors are the same. Same price ...

    https://www.tsikot.com/.../honda-city-200-2001-civic-lxi-vti-97-98-equally- priced-best-option-28174/
  5. Honda ESI, LX, LXi, VTi model comparison
    [SIZE="2"]Hi, I'm planning to get a used Honda Civic/City. Budget is P165K
    maximum. I saw a lot of posts for ESI's, LX's within my budget.

  6. honda civic vti, sir, rs 1999-2000
    What I know about the Honda Civic 1999, 2000+ (All with SIR Body) 1. LXi -
    Engine 1.5L SOHC non-VTEC - No fog lamps 2. VTi - Engine 1.6L ...

  7. 2001 Civic LXi Maintenance
    I have a question guys. My gf bought a second hand 2001 Civic LXi. I'm not really
    a Civic guy, so I wanna know what's the best engine oil and ...

  8. Engine transplant for Honda Civic LXI '97 - Page 2
    Ako Sir LXI 97 din. D15 ang pinalit ko. AT yung oto ko. :D.
    https://www.tsikot.com/.../engine-transplant-honda-civic-lxi-97-a-95794- post2800617/
  9. 2001 Honda Civic Lxi - market value
    hi! i'm new and would like to get ur opinion on a 2001 Civic Lxi with 17Tkm... i
    know the owner... so sure,, hindi tampered ang odometer... what ...

  10. 96 Civic lxi a/t vs 97 Lancer glxi a/t
    Mga sir and ma'am(kung meron), tanong ko lang po kung alin ang better choice
    between the two. Car will be a daily driven car. Reliability in ...



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