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  1. Rhinox (1996) - Maximal Defense -
    A herd of stampeding elephants? No. It's Rhinox, defending his territory from
    Predacon attackers! Courageous and cunning, had never backed down from
    battle, ...
  2. Rhinox (2006) - Maximal -
    Maximal second-in-command and chief science officer, Rhinox prefers to remain
    aboard the Axalon to engaging in battle, but that doesn't mean he can't fight.
  3. Rhinox (1998) - Maximal Strategic Defense -
    Following the quantum surge, Rhinox emerged in the form of a massive
    mechanized rhinoceros. He soon discovered that his new beast structure gave
    him an ...
  4. Rhinox (2014) - Maximal -
    Tech Spec. Rhinox is rare among robots. He has a brilliant scientific mind, as well
    as a deep philosophical curiosity about the nature of the universe around him.
  5. Rhinox (2006) - Maximal Strategic Defense -
    Looking upon the powerful form of "Rhinox", one would imagine he is engineered
    to be a terrible machine of destruction. However, the truth is, the large Maximal ...
  6. Rhinox (2003) - Autobot -
    Notes. Availability: This figure was available with Mini-Con Armorhide (2003) in
    2003. Additional Versions of Rhinox: There are no additional versions of Rhinox.
  7. Rhinox (2008) - Maximal -
    Recolors: This mold was never recolored. Remolds: This figure was never
    remolded. Name Reuses: The name Rhinox was reassigned to Armada Rhinox ...
  8. Tankor (2000) - Vehicon -
    The Red Rooster variants were available at the Red Rooster chain in Australia in
    2001. Additional Versions of Tankor: Rhinox (1996). Transmetal Rhinox (1998).
  9. Tankor (2009) - Vehicon -
    Availability: This figure was available with Robot Heroes Beast Machines
    Cheetor (2009) in 2009. Additional Versions of Rhinox: Rhinox (1996).
  10. Tankor (2005) - Vehicon -
    Notes. Availability: This figure was available in Japan in 2005. Additional
    Versions of Tankor: Rhinox (1996). Transmetal Rhinox (1998). Fox Kids Rhinox (


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