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  1. minibufexpl.vim - Elegant buffer explorer - takes very little screen ...
    You can checkout a screenshot here:
    gif. You can quickly switch buffers by double-clicking the appropriate "tab" (if you
  2. LustyExplorer - Dynamic filesystem and buffer explorer : vim online
    LustyExplorer is a fast and responsive way to manage files and buffers in Vim. It
    includes a filesystem explorer, a buffer switcher, and a buffer grep for searching ...
  3. - Buffer Explorer / Browser : vim online
    Simply unzip into a directory in your 'runtimepath', usually ~/.vim
    or c:\vimfiles, and restart Vim. This zip file contains plugin\bufexplorer.vim, and ...
  4. File explorer - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
    The command :Explore opens the file explorer window. Select a file or directory
    name and press Enter to open that file or directory. To return to the explorer ...
  5. vimExplorer - File manager. Explore directories quickly and operate ...
    With vimExplorer I try also to solve the difficulties (if I may say so) of file system
    access from vim (to find files, open them for edition, etc). Also to be able to do file
  6. Open every buffer in its own tabpage - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
    To open each buffer in its own tabpage, add this to your vimrc: If you feed multiple
    files to...


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