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  1. fuzzyfinder for Vim
    Buffer mode:
    fuzzyfinder-buffer.png. File mode (searching from all files in vim runtime
    directories using ...
  2. vim-minscm
    *minscm-fuzzyfinder* Fuzzyfinder Plugin ~ MinSCM uses APIs of fuzzyfinder.vim.
    Following commands are dependent on fuzzyfinder.vim: :MinSCMFindFile
  3. L9 - Vim-script library : vim online ... l9 is a Vim-script library, which
    provides some utility functions and commands for programming in Vim.
  4. AutoComplPop - Automatically opens popup menu for completions ...
    With this plugin, your vim comes to automatically opens popup menu for
    completions ... And then update your help tags files to enable fuzzyfinder help.
  5. ctrlp.vim - Fuzzy file, buffer, mru, tag, ... finder with regexp support ...
    Written in pure Vimscript for MacVim, gVim and Vim 7.0+. * Full support for Vim's
    regexp as search patterns. * Built-in Most Recently Used (MRU) files monitoring.
  6. Use Vim like an IDE - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
    I use Vim for all text editing, even software development. At one point I ... in vim
    language. Access all the functions with ctrl-p; FuzzyFinder same as previous.
  7. asyncfinder.vim - asyncfinder.vim - simple asynchronous fuzzy file ...
    asyncfinder.vim - simple asynchronous fuzzy file finder for vim that won't make ...
    It's quite similar to FuzzyFinder, ku, ctrl-p and unite.vim and inspired by those ...
  8. files.vim - List files for partial search using 'ls' command : vim online
    Sep 9, 2013 ... files.vim : List files for partial search using 'ls' command ... 1) FuzzyFinder, http:// 2) CtrlP ...
  9. grails-vim - Easy file navigation and testing of Grails projects : vim ...
    Jun 11, 2010 ... Grails-vim makes it easy to navigate Grails projects and view the test ... Fuzzy
  10. vim-snipplr - frontend for : vim online
    Jul 7, 2010 ... let g:snipplr_rb = '$HOME/.vim/bundle/snipplr/bin/snipplr.rb' ... to install [
    fuzzyfinder ]( )


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