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  1. Conque Shell - Run interactive commands inside a Vim buffer : vim ...
    Open conque_term.vba and type the command `:so %` to install it with the
    Vimball utility. Alternatively, download the zip archive and copy the files by hand
    into ...
  2. Script:2771 - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
    But in conqueshell, since buffer shell is in Vim's insert mode and <Esc> is ... How
    to reference current file (e.g. %) when mapping ConqueTerm command?
  3. Script:4582 - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
    new window is created; this is launched: File "<string>", line 1, in <module>File "/
    Users/UserName/.vim/autoload/conque_term/", line 48, ...
  4. Conque GDB - GDB command line interface and terminal emulator in
    Conque GDB turns Vim buffers into terminal emulators, which enables you to run
    ... Conque GDB ships with a modified version of Conque Term (Conque Shell) ...
  5. grails-conque - Run grails shell and unit/integration tests inside vim ...
    Github repo: Simple plugin that uses
    ConqueTerm to run tests, interact with the shell, and use the grails console ...
  6. Script:2628 - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
    Use this page to discuss script 2628 Vim-R-plugin2: plugin to work with R Add
  7. Using vim as calculator - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
    Basic calculations using integers can done within Vim easily by typing (insert-
    mode): CTRL-R...
  8. cisco.vim - Script to highlight cisco configuration files : vim online
    Jul 9, 2013 ... It also has syntax highlighting intended for use in Conqueterm, for those who
    might use that vim script to open a terminal in their vim buffer and ...
  9. last_edit_marker.vim - Keybind to quickly return to the last code you ...
    Oct 24, 2012 ... last_edit_marker.vim : Keybind to quickly return to the last code you edited. ...
    conqueterm, or i<Esc> aborted edit). install details. drop in plugin/


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