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  1. List changes to the current file - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
    Vim remembers the locations where changes occurred. Each position (column
    number, line number) is recorded in a change list, and each buffer has a
    separate ...
  2. Easier buffer switching - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
    If Vim is running with its default settings, or in vi compatible mode, the :buffer
    command will not abandon the buffer until any changes have been written.
  3. Vim documentation: change
    Last change: 2011 Feb 25 VIM REFERENCE MANUAL by Bram Moolenaar This
    file describes commands that delete or change text. In this context, changing ...
  4. Using undo branches - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
    Vim supports standard undo and redo, and also supports undo branches which
    allow you to undo some changes, then make a new change, while keeping all ...
  5. Vim documentation: undo
    Last change: 2010 Dec 19 VIM REFERENCE MANUAL by Bram Moolenaar
    Undo and redo *undo-redo* The basics are explained in section |02.5| of the user
  6. Search and replace - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
    Vim provides the:s (substitute) command for search and replace; this tip shows ...
    :%s/foo/bar/gc: Change each 'foo' to 'bar', but ask for confirmation first.
  7. Undo and Redo - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
    To undo recent changes, from normal mode use the undo command: ... To learn
    how to use Vim's undo tree, see the separate article on using undo branches.
  8. Repeat last change - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
    The " . " command repeats the last change made in normal mode. For example, if
    you press dw to delete a word, you can then press . to delete another word ( . is ...
  9. Vim documentation: recover
    You can recover most of your changes from the files that Vim uses to store the
    contents of the file. Mostly you can recover your work with one command: vim -r ...
  10. Change font - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
    In gvim, you can change the font using the Edit menu, Select Font. An alternative
    is to enter...


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