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  1. - Buffer Explorer / Browser : vim online
    Simply unzip into a directory in your 'runtimepath', usually ~/.vim
    or c:\vimfiles, and restart Vim. This zip file contains plugin\bufexplorer.vim, and ...
  2. Easier buffer switching - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
    One of the keys to effective Vim usage is effective buffer management. ... You
    may want to install the BufExplorer script, and place the following in your vimrc.
  3. winmanager - A windows style IDE for Vim 6.0 : vim online
    bufexplorer.vim. (vimscript #42). The idea is that winmanager will no longer
    contain a duplicate copy of bufexplorer.vim. This reduces script bloat, makes
    updates ...
  4. winmanager - A windows style IDE for Vim : vim online
    If you don't want to use that plugin, just add this line in your .vimrc to disable the
    integration of bufexplorer.vim: let g:winManagerWindowLayout = "FileExplorer"
  5. minibufexpl.vim - Elegant buffer explorer - takes very little screen ...
    [Thanks to Jeff Lanzarotta for his BufExplorer plugin (
    scripts/script.php?script_id=42) that got me started down this slippery slope.]
  6. user profile : vim online
    sponsor Vim development, Vim logo, Vim Book Ad ... rcs-menu.vim, Interface to
    RCS (Revision Control System)., Buffer Explorer / Browser.
  7. EditJava - lookup source file for classname under cursor : vim online
    EditJava plus the bufexplorer.vim script, the "edit cwd" Tip #2: map ,d :e <C-R>=
    expand("%:p:h")<CR><CR> and the mapping allowing one to toggle between ...
  8. minibufexplorer++ - Elegant buffer explorer - takes very little screen ...
    Sep 15, 2010 ... control + the vim direction keys [hjkl] can be made to move you between windows
    . ... [Thanks to Jeff Lanzarotta for his BufExplorer plugin ...
  9. ccvext.vim - More convenience way to use ctags and cscope in vim ...
    ctags and cscope plugin for vim, more convenice way to use ctags and cscope in
    vim. ... Fix the problem when ccvext work with script bufexplorer.vim 4.4.0
  10. session.vim - Extended session management for Vim : vim online
    The session.vim plug-in improves upon Vim's built-in :mksession command by ....., 1.5, 2012-01-15, 7.0, Peter Odding, • Support for BufExplorer ...


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