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  1. Winslow studies brain chemical's role in aggression
    Recent shootings in public schools have focused attention on an alarming
    increase in acts of aggression among the young--especially males. Many experts
    are ...
  2. Aggression, Anger, and Nicotine Addiction
    Researchers measured participants' brain metabolic activity while performing an
    aggression task. The brain scans showed no metabolic changes in the brains ...
  3. Sex differences in human aggression
    Traditional psychologists argue that boys are trained to be aggressive and girls
    learn to be passive. However, Dyson-Hudson (1995) found that 'low-conflict ...
  4. Stress And Aggression Reinforce
    In five experiments using 53 male rats, behavioral neuroscientists from the
    Netherlands and Hungary studied whether stimulating the brain's aggression ...
  5. Understanding the Origins of Violence and Aggression
    Physical violence can be impulsive, reactive or defensive; or it can be predatory,
    remorseless aggression. Violent behaviors can be related to intoxication from ...
  6. The Relationship Between Alcohol and Aggression
    Alcohol and Aggression There is an area of the brain called the amygdale, which
    is associated with aggressive behavior in humans. The effect of alcohol, on this ...
  7. Brain and Aggression
    Brain facts on Aggression. ... Can the Source of Aggression be found in the Brain
    ? Sex differences in human aggression · Winslow studies brain chemical's role ...
  8. Hot-Headed Guys? It's All in the Brain
    "Perhaps the greatest emotional difference between men and women is their
    expression of aggression," says Ruben Gur, a professor at the school's
    department ...
  9. Humans Most Violent When Only 2 Years Old
    They report that Richard Tremblay has found that 2 year old babies are more
    physically aggressive than teenagers or adults but fortunately too uncoordinated
    to ...
  10. Eight key recommendations for the person needing anger ...
    Outbursts of aggressive behavior will also lead to other problems. Others will
    often start to avoid the angry person. Occasionally, the aggressive behavior will ...


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