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  1. Amir Deula
    Amir Deula Suggest image. SINGER. 8 songs. 2 albums. 0 photos · 4 videos ·
    Add description. Listen mix. STYLE. Sapanako Mel · AMIR
  2. untitled-Amir Deula Suggest profile
    untitled-Amir Deula Suggest profile. previous album next album. Listen mix.
  3. Timilai Ta Mero Kura dhakatopi - Style
    Amir Deula. SINGER. Timilai Ta Mero Kura dhakatopi · AMIR DEULA STYLE
    SINGER. Lyrics Create. Tab Create · Previous song Next song. We were unable
    to ...
  4. Albums
    untitled-Amir Deula · Amir Deula · Aansuko Mulya (Various Artists · Ram Krishna
    Dhakal · Aastha · Aastha · Aatma · Aastha · Blood Brothers · Aghor and Jwala.
  5. Dubail
    UNTITLED-AMIR DEULA SINGER. Rich Text Editor, tab. Editor toolbarsBasic
    Styles Bold ItalicParagraph Insert/Remove Numbered List Insert/Remove
    Bulleted ...
  6. Artists
    DJ. Amir Deula. + · Amir Deula. DJ. Govind Man Shrestha. + · Govind Man
    Shrestha. DJ. Bijaya Vaidya. + · Bijaya Vaidya. DJ. Deepak Thapa. + · Deepak
  7. 14
    Bijaya Vaidya. SINGER. Govind Man Shrestha. SINGER. Amir Deula. SINGER.
    Gxsoul. BAND. DJ LX. SINGER. Bhusan Mukarung. SINGER. Flower Generation.
  8. Mutu Polcha
    Mutu Polcha Amir Deula. SINGER. Mutu Polcha ·
    AMIR DEULA SINGER. Lyrics Create. Tab Create · Previous song Next song ...
  9. Bhauu Badhau - Niskarsha
    Lyrics Edit. Lyric : Ramesh Khakurel. Music : Navras Shrestha (The Lakhey).
    Arranged By : Dipesh Singh (Robin N New Revolution). Vocal By :Navras,
    Lawsion, ...
  10. Hami Nadika Dui Kinara - untitled-Sudesh Sharma
    Lyrics Edit. Hami nadika dui kinara, (hamro sangam asambhab chha)2. Thapani
    milanko aashma, (jiban gumauna manjur chha ) 2 (Preeti gahiro janam ...


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