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  1. Volunteers
    MOFGA is essentially a volunteer-driven organization, relying on the support of
    more than 1500 volunteers each year. The collective impact of MOFGA's ...

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  2. Fair Volunteers
    WELCOME VOLUNTEERS! How to Volunteer at the Common Ground Country
    Fair. Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering at the Common Ground

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  3. Volunteer Guidelines
    Purpose of the Fair Volunteer Program: Volunteerism is the essence of the CGCF
    . Each year, more than 1,500 volunteers dedicate themselves to creating and ...

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  4. Volunteer Camping
    Staff and volunteers with special needs may reserve tent sites. All other
    volunteers will be “first-come first-served.” For every 4-hour volunteer shift, you
    are ...

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  5. Volunteer Job Descriptions
    Volunteers staying until Monday are encouraged to help with Parking, Safety, or
    the Common Kitchen on Sunday afternoon from 1 pm until the end of the Fair.

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  6. Directions to The Fair for Volunteers
    ALL VOLUNTEERS should park in the South Parking Lot. Volunteers may enter
    the Fair only AFTER checking in at the Volunteer Tent, picking up a Volunteer ...

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  7. Volunteer Profiles
    Belfast resident Danya Klie will do just about any volunteer job for MOFGA, as
    long as it doesn't involved meetings. "I just wait to see what comes up and go with

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  8. Volunteer Profiles
    Volunteer Kim Bolshaw is one of the dynamic co-coordinators of the Common
    Kitchen, which feeds thousands of volunteers at the Fair. English photo.

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  9. MOFGA Members Needed to Volunteer
    MOFGA volunteers are needed for all of these things and more. We will be
    participating in several events throughout the coming spring and summer. We
    need ...

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  10. Volunteer Profiles
    Her birthday, after all, almost always falls on the weekend of the Common
    Ground Country Fair – and that's where you'll find her celebrating as she
    volunteers in ...

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