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  1. Sustainable Agriculture at The University of Maine
    Eric Gallandt, Assistant Professor of Weed Ecology and Management, University
    of Maine Sustainable Agriculture Program, at the 2002 Rogers Farm Field Day, ...

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  2. The Fight for Sustainable Agriculture in El Salvador
    The Fight for Sustainable Agriculture in El Salvador, Minimize ... Portillo said
    organic agriculture is "a life or death situation" in El Salvador. English photo.

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  3. Advocating for Sustainable Agriculture Programs
    Lauren Errickson (left) of Singing Nettle Farm in Brooks was one of seven farmers
    selected by the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition to travel to ...

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  4. Slow Money Maine: Investing in Maine's Sustainable Agriculture ...
    She convened a focus group of some 20 leaders in the sustainable agriculture
    community who identified the need for easier access to investment capital for ...

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  5. Prince Charles: Royal Patron for Sustainability
    “In the '70s he was talking about the environmental crisis, in the '80s he cottoned
    onto organic farming as a solution to build a more sustainable agriculture, and ...

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  6. Russell Libby Agricultural Scholar Awards
    Kennebec Valley Community College student studying sustainable agriculture.
    The scholarship applications deadline was February 29, 2016. Scholarship ...

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  7. Keynote Address First Lady Karen Baldacci
    It's an opportunity to learn, to educate ourselves, an opportunity to work on what
    we all know is true in our heart of hearts – sustainable agriculture and how to ...

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  8. Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association > Resources ...
    Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems Curriculum for High School Educators
    (WI) http://www.cias.wisc.edu/sustainable-agriculture-curriculum-materials/; City ...

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  9. The Holm Team: Farmer-to-Farmer, Canada-to-Cuba Project
    Since then, she has led many trips of farmers and others to Cuba to learn about
    sustainable agriculture. At a talk on April 5, 2008, arranged by the Brunswick ...

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  10. Partnerships
    Members of the Council include commodity group representatives, MOFGA,
    Maine Farm Bureau, Maine Sustainable Agriculture Society, Maine Farmland
    Trust, ...

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