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  1. Charles Welty | Computer Science | University of Southern Maine
    Phone: 207.780.4240. Email: welty@usm.maine.edu. Degrees: Computer and
    Information Science Dept., University of Massachusetts, Amherst. M.S., 1977.

  2. Emeriti Faculty 2014 | Office of the Provost | University of Southern ...
    Professor Emeritus of Computer Science Charles Welty is a founding faculty
    member of USM's M.S. program in Computer Science. His unwavering dedication
    to ...

  3. People | Computer Science | University of Southern Maine
    Adjunct Professor of Computer Science. Bruce MacLeod. Associate Professor of
    Computer Science. Charles Welty. Professor Emeritus of Computer Science ...

  4. 2014 Annual Recognition Event | Office of the President | University ...
    May 22, 2014 ... Melody Shank, 8/2014. David A. Vanderlinden, 8/2014. Zark VanZandt, 8/2014.
    Nancy Wanderer, 8/2014. Thomas Ward, 8/2014. Charles Welty ...

  5. Assessment of Student Learning Plan (ASLP): Computer Science
    __If needed, Dr. Charles Welty, Prof. Emeritus. C. Degree Program. Name of
    Degree Program___Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. D. Assessment of

  6. Senior College
    American Literature: Faulkner and Welty. 16. Total Enrollment: 83. Spring 2005 -
    8 Courses Offered. Enrollment. Classical Mythology. 18. Writing Your Own Life.

  7. 2014
    Alagic Bantz Boothe Briggs Congdon Houser MacLeod Rad Welty. (a) An ability
    to apply knowledge of computing and mathematics appropriate to the discipline.

  8. Master of Science in Computer Science
    Professors: Alagic, Welty; Associate Professors: Boothe, Briggs, Congdon,
    MacLeod;. Adjunct Faculty: Bantz, El-Taha, Heath, Houser. Program Description.

  9. Undergraduate catalog 2011-2012 | College of Science, Technology ...
    Department of Computer Science. Chair of the Department: Robert Boothe.
    Professors: Alagic, Welty; Associate Professors: Boothe, Briggs, Congdon,

  10. CS Lab Policies | Computer Science | University of Southern Maine
    The contributors were: Lawrence Chiasson, William Packard, Lynn Pelletier,
    Clarence Pendleton, Leslie Pendleton, Timothy Shook, and Charles Welty. 2:
    From ...



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