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  1. Blackboard Login

    Online academic environment

    MyUSM Campus Portal

    Single sign-on access to MaineStreet, Blackboard, Student Gmail and more.
  2. Blackboard Netiquette | Center for Technology Enhanced Learning ...
    Blackboard Netiquette. Netiquette Guidelines are an important ingredient in a
    well-designed online course. Below, you will find two examples of statements on

  3. Blackboard Copy a Quiz | Center for Technology Enhanced Learning
    Blackboard Copy a Quiz. In order to copy a quiz from one section to another, you
    will need to follow these steps: 1. Go to the course that has the quiz you want 2.

  4. Blackboard Course Quota Warning | Center for Technology ...
    When you are uploading content to a Blackboard course and instantly receive the
    warning stating. "Action not complete: Adding the selected content to the ...

  5. Blackboard Course Link Request | Computing Services | University ...
    Two or more Blackboard courses may have their enrollment combined. One
    course must be primary. Student enrollment from both the primary and linked ...

  6. Blackboard Test Regrading Feature | Center for Technology ...
    Blackboard introduces a test regrading feature with service pack 8. This feature
    will allow you to edit a test AFTER submissions have been received. Once the ...

  7. Blackboard Guest Access | Center for Technology Enhanced Learning
    Blackboard allows guests with or without a UMS login to access your course, if
    you allow it. There are several levels of access that must be permitted. ALL of ...

  8. How to Embed Content in Blackboard Using iFrames | Center for ...
    Our Blackboard configuration was recently changed so that you can now use
    iFrames to embed content. Right now, we are limited to only being able to embed

  9. How to Use the Blackboard Mobile Learn Apps
    TRAINING SERIES. How to Use the Blackboard. Mobile Learn Apps. This manual
    will help you get started with the new Blackboard apps for the iPad and iPhone.

  10. Blackboard YouTube "Mashup" | Center for Technology Enhanced ...
    Blackboard YouTube "Mashup". Embedding videos in a course is a more
    attractive and accessible option than pasting a URL. This month's Tech Tip
    explains ...

  11. Blackboard WYSIWYG Editor - Formatting Issues | Center for ...
    The WYSIWYG editor in Blackboard SP8 (our new version) has a been giving
    faculty & staff a number of headaches with the formatting of text in description
    field ...



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