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  1. Ska Archives • Ink 19
    Ink 19's Robert M. Sutton chats with The Beat's Dave Wakeling about the early
    days of the 2-Tone ska revival in England and the challenge of taking the past ...
  2. New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble Archives • Ink 19
    Target Or Flag; February 14, 2005. It takes Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
    performance at the Sarasota Film Festival to get Bob Pomeroy thinking about ska
  3. The Ska Parade: Runnin' Naked Thru the Cornfield • Ink 19
    Aug 21, 1998 ... The Ska Parade: Runnin' Naked Thru the Cornfield. Various Artists. A to Y. Ahh,
    California. Land of shameless self-promotion. Where you can ...
  4. Puro Eskañol Vol. 1: Latin Ska Underground Archives • Ink 19
    Puro Eskañol Vol. 1: Latin Ska Underground · Music Reviews; November 19,
    1998. Puro Eskañol Vol. 2: Rice and Beans (Aztlan). Review by Julio Diaz ...
  5. Ska-tastrophe • Ink 19
    Dec 15, 1997 ... Ska, as a whole, doesn't get a big share of mainstream press coverage. Sure,
    magazines like Spin and Alternative Press will do the occasional ...
  6. The People's Ska Annual Archives • Ink 19
    Electric Six · Music Reviews; December 9, 2016. Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres
    (Metropolis Records ). Review by Carl F Gauze.
  7. Nihon Ska Dansu • Ink 19
    Feb 11, 1998 ... Nihon Ska Dansu showcases a wide variety of ska styles, from the traditional to
    third wave to ska-core. Unfortunately, it's also a mixed bag in ...
  8. New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble • Ink 19
    Nov 30, 1998 ... The story goes that the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble started with a backstage
    conversation. “It happened in 1993,” reveals bandleader ...
  9. New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble • Ink 19
    Aug 24, 1998 ... The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble have a new record out. I've been listening to it
    for a week now, trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to ...
  10. NYC Ska Mob & Friends • Ink 19
    Dec 15, 1999 ... Here's a fantastic compilation sampling the great ska music coming out of the
    Version City studios in New York City, home base of such ...


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