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  1. PJ Olsson • Ink 19
    Apr 8, 1999 ... PJ Olsson recently completed a national tour opening for critical favorite, Rufus
    Wainwright. “I've been feeling really positive throughout the ...
  2. Math And Science • Ink 19
    Apr 12, 2001 ... Math and Science is John Wolf, a one-man band musician with a regular gig as
    drummer for P.J. Olsson, who named this side project for the ...
  3. PJ is the Man! • Ink 19
    Jun 8, 2000 ... Thought you might have some info on a guy named P.J. Olssen. He had a CD on
    ... PJ is such a humble and real soul. Read the ... PJ Olsson.
  4. Magazine Archives • Page 801 of 1864 • Ink 19
    Music Reviews; April 8, 1999. dogmaReview by Tom Minarchick. PJ Olsson ·
    Interviews; April 8, 1999. Interview by Gail Worley. Septic · Music Reviews; April 8
    , ...
  5. VAST • Ink 19
    Jun 8, 1998 ... ... corporations make money off the resultant exploding brains. From the Archives.
    PJ Olsson · Interviews; April 8, 1999. Interview by Gail Worley ...


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