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  1. Juliana Hatfield • Ink 19
    Sep 8, 2008 ... The cover of How to Walk Away features a thin Juliana Hatfield against a
    backdrop of the sky with arms and legs in motion and her face turned ...
  2. Juliana Hatfield • Ink 19
    Mar 12, 2010 ... Juliana Hatfield. Peace and Love. Ye Olde Records. Well, she didn't walk away
    like she hinted on her last album. But Juliana Hatfield hasn't ...
  3. Bully • Ink 19
    Feb 5, 2016 ... From her Juliana Hatfield-esque singing voice to the throaty screams that shape
    some of her best moments, Bully's blonde haired bomb feels ...
  4. The Verve Pipe • Ink 19
    Oct 22, 2001 ... Then I sent it to my friend, Juliana Hatfield; she's a great songwriter and I'm a
    huge fan. So I sent it to her and I said, “What would you do with ...
  5. Some Girls • Ink 19
    Jan 20, 2004 ... Juliana Hatfield is no doubt one of the finest songwriters of 1990s indie pop,
    although she was always too impatient to make that one truly great ...
  6. A.M. Vibe • Ink 19
    Jul 22, 2003 ... ... Letters to Cleo, Only Everything-era Juliana Hatfield and one of my most
    missed bands, The Sundays — though singer Lisah has smoked too ...
  7. Giant Drag • Ink 19
    Nov 10, 2006 ... “Kevin Is Gay” mines this sort of Juliana Hatfield-meets-space-rock vibe, full of
    sinewave fuzz pedal abuse and a soaring coda of faked kitten ...
  8. Psychedelic Furs Archives • Ink 19
    Juliana Hatfield · Music Reviews; September 8, 2008. How To Walk Away (Ye
    Olde Records). Review by Laura Pontillo. Foxglove Hunt · Music Reviews; July 4,
  9. Grace Hearn & Michael Savage • Ink 19
    Mar 11, 2003 ... Moving between the angst-ridden folk pop of Juliana Hatfield and Cowboy
    Junkies' doomsday indie folk, the most obvious reference point may ...
  10. Lisa Cerbone • Ink 19
    May 11, 2004 ... Yet, she quickly dispatches these trappings and reveals herself to be an
    composite of Peris, Juliana Hatfield's breathless school girl call and ...


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