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  1. Joe Jackson Band • Ink 19
    Apr 4, 2003 ... Let's talk about that Joe Jackson fellow. Jackson has put out 20 albums (not
    counting compilations and re-packaging) since his first, Look Sharp ...
  2. Joel Dorn • Ink 19
    Dec 27, 2002 ... What about Joe Jackson? Funny you should mention that. Joe Jackson came a
    few years later (for me), but I am a huge Joe Jackson fan. Right.
  3. Varkentine On Music 2003
    Jan 9, 2004 ... What I mean is that I would not want anyone to think that I'm saying Joe Jackson
    Band's Volume 4 is necessarily a “better” album than ...
  4. Sony Classical Archives • Ink 19
    Joe Jackson · Music Reviews; October 3, 2000. For much of Joe Jackson's two
    decade long career, I've been hoping for Loo…
  5. Koufax • Ink 19
    Sep 3, 2003 ... Their 2000 release, It Had to Do With Love, helped to set into motion the current
    trend of indie bands wanting to sound like Joe Jackson; it may ...
  6. Tears For Fears • Ink 19
    Sep 27, 2004 ... There's some truth to it. Most of us are biased to one degree or another towards
    the music of our teens, and for me that's music like Joe Jackson ...
  7. The Sound of the Crowd
    May 12, 2005 ... And on the empty street a girl stood all alone… 2. The Man Who Wrote Danny
    Boy-Joe Jackson. It happened one night. At three in the morning
  8. Squeeze Archives • Ink 19
    Joe Jackson Band · Music Reviews; April 4, 2003. Volume 4 (Restless/Ryko).
    Review by Ben Varkentine. Will Kimbrough · Music Reviews; November 5, 2002.
  9. Wall Of Orchids • Ink 19
    Sep 9, 2002 ... The second track evokes Joe Jackson, or perhaps early eighties pop (in the best
    way), a curious up beat number entitled, “If Not Now, When?
  10. Andi Camp • Ink 19
    Oct 9, 2003 ... Andi Camp is trying to make piano-pop along the lines of Joe Jackson–“Car
    Doors” is practically a rewrite–but she lacks his gift for melody or ...


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