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  1. Eve's Plumb Archives • Ink 19
    Sun Ra, Revisited · Features; January 5, 2016. The musical brilliance that was
    Sun Ra is well-served with these two reissues. James Mann takes the trip.
  2. Lloyd Cole • Ink 19
    Jun 12, 2001 ... ... •I Kissed a Girl• fame — though her career is so much richer than that) on
    vocals/guitar and former Eve•s Plumb-er Michael Kotch on guitar.
  3. Self • Ink 19
    Sep 9, 1999 ... She used to be in a band called Eve's Plumb. We just sat down for a month and
    wrote songs together, I laid down her tracks for her, it's basically ...
  4. Editor's Choice: The Top 19 Albums of 2001 • Ink 19
    Dec 21, 2001 ... The band is a tight five-piece unit that includes Michael (Eve's Plumb) Kotch on
    guitar and Jill (“I Kissed a Girl”) Sobule on guitar and vocals.

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