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  1. Barrence Whitfield and the Savages • Ink 19
    Jul 23, 2013 ... Barrence Whitfield and the Savages. Dig Thy Savage Soul. Bloodshot Records.
    Good god almighty, this is IT! I'm late to the Barrence Whitfield ...

  2. Brian Jonestown Massacre • Ink 19
    Jul 31, 2012 ... A few years ago, I watched the movie Dig! and I remember wondering if this band
    would make it and survive, if this musical mad/genius guy, ...

  3. Billy Mahonie • Ink 19
    Apr 11, 2000 ... Billy Mahonie. The Big Dig. Beggars Banquet. That strange land between rock
    and space, that space between your brain and mind. This music ...

  4. Coheed & Cambria's Chris Pennie • Ink 19
    Apr 10, 2009 ... Bluntly put, not only are they a band I can respect, but I dig their music as well. In
    early 2007, Coheed, no stranger to line up changes, ...

  5. Vaux • Ink 19
    Nov 21, 2005 ... In the meantime, go pick up Plague Music if you dig a crooked art-punk twist on
    the modern metal sound. Vaux: www.vauxrock.com.

  6. Del McCoury Band and Preservation Hall Jazz Band
    May 23, 2011 ... Dig in! Preservation Hall Jazz Band: www.preservationhall.com • Del McCoury
    Band: www.delmccouryband.com/home. James Mann. Share:.

  7. STNNNG • Ink 19
    Dec 27, 2007 ... Dig? Opener “Grand Island, Neb.” sets an impossibly twisted standard for the rest
    of the album. Over a distorted bass crawl, plodding drums, ...

  8. Stranded in Stereo • Ink 19
    Nov 24, 2008 ... While this DVD isn't one of the better ones that they've had, it still has some great
    videos including Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' “Dig, Lazarus ...

  9. The Waifs • Ink 19
    Apr 9, 2002 ... There's not a very big folk scene, although people really dig acoustic music. We
    play in big rock clubs and outdoor festivals. There's not as ...

  10. Misfits Archives • Ink 19
    ... Devil Made Me Do It (Misfits). Review by Chris Catania. Nekromantix · Music
    Reviews; April 10, 2007. Life Is A Grave & I Dig It!!! (Hellcat). Review by Jen Cray.



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