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  1. Dialysis - The National Kidney Foundation
    You need dialysis when you develop end stage kidney failure --usually by ... How
    long do hemodialysis treatments last? ... How long can you live on dialysis?
  2. Dialysis: Questions and Answers - DaVita
    Some people have been on dialysis for 30 years or more without getting a
    transplant. How long you can live on dialysis, and how well you do, will depend
    on a ...
  3. What are the pros and cons of undergoing kidney dialysis? If you are ...
    If you are not a candidate for a kidney transplant, how long can you remain on ...
    of life in the absence of kidney failure but will live for only 3.6 years on dialysis. kidney-dialysis-if-you-are-not-a-candidate-for-a-kidney-transplant-...
  4. Expected dialysis lifespan: How long does someone live who is on
    Mar 29, 2008 ... Will I live? is often the first question a person has when hearing that dialysis is in
    their future. One Two things to know - you can live a long time ...
  5. Dialysis Raises Hard Questions for Older Patients - The New York ...
    Dec 4, 2013 ... The data show that 70- to 74-year-olds on dialysis can expect to live 3.6 ... own or
    get out of bed in the morning also tend not to live long on dialysis. ... of daily living
    , you need to be introspective about whether dialysis adds to ... patients/
  6. Kidney Dialysis: How It Works, Living With Dialysis
    Living Day to Day with Kidney Dialysis ... The overnight trips are not a problem as
    long as he schedules dialysis ahead of time in the cities he visits. "If a dialysis ...
  7. How long can a person survive on dialysis? | Zocdoc Answers
    While it is impossible to predict how long you will survive given the complexity
    inherent in every patient, there are things that can either improve or decrease
    your ...
  8. Witholding and withdrawal from dialysis
    Apr 15, 2010 ... When renal failure approaches, you can decide not to have dialysis. This page ...
    How long can I expect to live on dialysis? I don't want dialysis ... info.php
  9. How long can someone live while they are getting dialysis treatments?
    I am sorry to hear that your grandmother is requiring dialysis. As you know,
    dialysis is used when the kidney stop working. Since the kidneys work to. getting-dialysis-treatments
  10. Are You at Risk? American Kidney Fund (AKF)
    If you are living with kidney failure (also called end-stage renal disease, ...
    Ensuring that U.S. dialysis patients are able to afford their medical expenses ...
    you can take steps to keep your kidneys as healthy as possible for as long as

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