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  1. Picking up J-Girls in Japan
    (06-04-2012 04:07 AM)Kona Wrote: I can confidently say I am almost an
    advanced expert when it comes to Japanese girls, and I believe I have ...
  2. Bang Japan: Game in The Great Nippon Empire
    I've received several requests for new threads on game in Japan. My other thread
    was pretty good, but it languished in the Newbie Section.
  3. Picking up J-Girls in Japan
    Im curious how VP responds to these questions, as he is one of the Japan
    experts in this forum. Ive always loved the Japanese girl look, but ...
  4. Picking up J-Girls in Japan
    despite the fact that -- as in Japan -- they have obligatory English class for ...
    Every Japanese person I know took 5 or more years of English.
  5. Tokyo Datasheet and a Basic Guide to Japanese Girls
    Great new info on Tokyo/Japan. Japan is definitely not pussy paradise and
    requires a long term investment to reap the benefits. I visited many ...
  6. SWOOP JAPAN: Tokyo Joe's Guide for the First-Time (~7-day) Visitor
    I've mentioned before elsewhere, but will stress once again: The English-
    language ability of the Japanese, and especially of young hot chicks, ...
  7. 100 Approach Study Japan
    I liked the idea proposed a while back that everyone have their own 100
    approach thread, and I felt information on Japan was sorely lacking on ...
  8. Black culture in Japan
    LOL, guys this is a VERY VERY small subculture in Japan. And if you notice,
    hardly any of these girls speak English. If you don't speak at least ...
  9. Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, China or Japan?
    There's also a whole buttload more festivals in Japan than in China. In general, a
    very modern country that still retains lots of historical value.
  10. Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, China or Japan?
    I also hooked up with a Japanese backpacker who was surprised I could speak
    her language, and I just seem to do really well with Japanese ...


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