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  1. Varicocele in Adolescents: Background, Anatomy, Pathophysiology
    Aug 5, 2016 ... References to dilated and tortuous veins of the spermatic cord, now referred to as
    a varicocele, occurred as early as 1885. Even at that time, ...

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  2. The Adolescent Varicocele | Commentaries | Pediatrics
    The observation that varicoceles affect ipsilateral testicular growth and that this
    growth arrest can be reversed reportedly dates back to Bennett in an article in ...

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  3. Testicular Histology in the Adolescent With a Varicocele | Articles ...
    A varicocele is a common cause of adult male infertility, and surgical ligation is a
    generally accepted mode of therapy. However, the guidelines for management ...

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  4. Adolescent Varicocele | Letters to the Editor | Pediatrics
    The recent article on testicular histology in the adolescent with a varicocele (
    Pediatrics 1987;79:996-998) pointed out the potential histologic testicular
    damage ...

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  5. Paternity After Adolescent Varicocele Repair | Articles | Pediatrics
    Of those with a unilateral varicocele, the indication for surgery in 10 was a grade
    2 to 3 varicocele associated with a >20% volume difference when compared ...

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  6. The Adolescent Varicocele: What's New With an Old Problem in ...
    Accumulating evidence from animal and human studies has demonstrated that
    varicoceles are associated with a time-dependent decline in testicular ...

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  7. Adolescent Varicocele: Who Is at Risk? | Articles | Pediatrics
    OBJECTIVES. Varicocele results from the abnormal dilation of the veins of the
    pampiniform plexus and is the most common identifiable cause of male infertility.

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  8. Adolescent Varicocele: Who Is at Risk? | Articles | Pediatrics
    Distribution of the prevalence of varicocele (%) according to Tanner stage of ...
    pubic hair stage in children with varicocele (dashed line) and in healthy boys ...

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  9. COMMENTARIES The Adolescent Varicocele
    in an adolescent patient with a varicocele of a signif- icantly smaller left testis as
    compared with the right,. Kass and Belman3 prospectively compared testicular.

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  10. Adolescent Varicocele: Who Is at Risk? | Articles | Pediatrics
    Abstract, Full, PDF. Dec 2007, 35, 9, 11. Jan 2008, 536, 400, 424. Feb 2008, 92,
    116, 109. Mar 2008, 42, 78, 60. Apr 2008, 36, 92, 57. May 2008, 39, 92, 41.

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