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  1. Radon Exposure: A Hazard to Children | AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ...
    The concentration of radon gas there was 2,700 pCi/L of air, a level much higher
    than had ever been measured in a residence in the United States. In January ...

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  2. Epidemiologic Notes and Reports Radon Exposure Assessment ...
    In 1985, indoor air radon (radon-222) levels were found to be elevated in
    households in Pennsylvania (1). Following this discovery, the Connecticut
    Department ...

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  3. Lung Cancer and Exposure to Radon in Women -- New Jersey
    In 1985, the New Jersey State Department of Health (NJDOH) initiated an
    epidemiologic study of lung cancer and exposure to radon in New Jersey women

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  4. Health Hazards Associated with Elevated Levels of Indoor Radon ...
    Health Hazards Associated with Elevated Levels of Indoor Radon --
    Pennsylvania. As a part of the safety program at the Limerick Nuclear Power
    Plant in ...

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  5. Radon Testing in Households with a Residential Smoker -- United ...
    Radon testing data were derived from responses to the question "Has your
    household air been tested for the presence of radon?" Data representing the ...

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  6. A Case-Control Study
    A Case-Control Study. Katja Radon, PhDa, Doris Windstetter, MDa,b, Anna Laura
    Poluda, MDa, Beatrice Muellera, Erika von Mutius, PhDb, Sibylle Koletzko, ...

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  7. Publication of NIOSH Criteria Documents on Welding, and Brazing ...
    Publication of NIOSH Criteria Documents on Welding, and Brazing,Thermal
    Cutting and on Radon Progeny. The National Institute for Occupational Safety
    and ...

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  8. Cigarette Smoke = Radiation Hazard | Commentaries | Pediatrics
    ... evidence exists that other atmospheric radon-222 (222Rn daughter products
    are also incorporated into the plant.10,15 The average cigarette contains 0.3 pCi

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  9. AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS Risk of Ionizing Radiation ...
    does not include the potential risks of indoor radon. The effects on children of
    ionizing radiation have been stud- ied from war activities and environmental ...

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  10. Chronic Disease Reports: Deaths from Lung Cancer -- United States ...
    Numerous agents have been associated with lung cancer in occupational (8) and
    other settings; for example, exposures to radon emission and asbestos fibers ...

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