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  1. Long-Term Consequences of Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis in Children
    The deepithelialized surfaces of the lid and globe will form fibrinous ... thermal
    burns of the eye will predictably develop corneal ulceration and globe rupture.

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  2. Evaluation of ptosis History & Exam - Epocrates Online
    ... subconjunctival hemorrhage, hyphema; afferent pupillary defect requires
    evaluation for globe rupture, retinal detachment, and traumatic optic neuropathy ...

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  3. Paintball Injuries in Children: More Than Meets the Eye
    Choroidal rupture. 16. 10.7. Ruptured globe. 7. 4.7. Vitreous hemorrhage. 50.
    33.6. Commotio retinae. 25. 16.8. TABLE 3. Last Visual Acuity After Treatment.

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  4. Health Supervision for Children With Marfan Syndrome | From the ...
    The globe is often elongated, and the cornea may be flat or even cone-shaped ...
    for aortic tear and rupture, mitral valve prolapse with or without regurgitation, ...

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  5. Eye trauma Diagnostic Approach - Epocrates Online
    As soon as the diagnosis of ruptured globe is made, the examination should be
    stopped and the eye should be covered by a protective shield. The complete ...

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  6. Eye trauma Etiology - Epocrates Online
    Blunt trauma may result in a blow-out fracture, orbital and lid contusions, iris
    injury, ruptured globe, subconjunctival bleeding, hyphema, lens subluxation or ...

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  7. Evaluation of vision loss Potential Etiologies - Epocrates Online
    Globe injury may lead to vision loss from frank globe rupture or penetration by
    foreign bodies. Closed globe trauma may cause hyphema, lens dislocation, ...

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  8. Retinal Hemorrhage in Abusive Head Trauma | State-of-the-Art ...
    Intrascleral hemorrhage can occur at the optic nerve-globe junction, another ...
    and ruptured bridging veins after a fall backward from sitting on a tatami mat differ

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  9. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome - Pediatrics - Merck Manuals Professional ...
    Inheritance is usually autosomal dominant, but Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is
    heterogeneous. Different gene mutations affect the amount, structure, or
    assembly of ...

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  10. Evaluation of red eye Potential Etiologies - Epocrates Online
    Those that can lead to globe rupture or perforation include: Image 18 image.
    Scleritis Image 10 image. Physical trauma. Corneal ulceration. High-velocity
    foreign ...

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