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  1. Overview of Brain Tumors in Children - Pediatrics - Merck Manuals ...
    Brain tumors are the most common solid cancer in children < 15 yr and are the
    2nd leading cause of death due to cancer. Diagnosis is typically by imaging ...

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  2. Growth Failure After Treatment of Pediatric Brain Tumors ...
    Objectives. Primary brain tumors are the most common solid tumors that occur in
    childhood. With improved management of these tumors, there are more ...

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  3. Brain Tumor Signs and Symptoms: Analysis of Primary Health Care ...
    Comparisons included total number of prediagnosis consultations, number with
    ≥1 symptom suggestive of a brain tumor, total number of symptoms, number of ...

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  4. Brain Tumor Signs and Symptoms: Analysis of Primary Health Care ...
    symptoms recorded in children's general practitioner (primary health care)
    records between birth and brain tumor diagnosis and for the first time, compares
    rates ...

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  5. BRAIN TUMORS IN CHILDREN | Original Articles | Pediatrics
    Abstract. Twenty-four per cent of brain tumors of children aged less than 15 years
    were found to be astrocytomas, 20% were medulloblastomas and 11% were ...

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  6. BRAIN TUMORS IN CHILDREN | Articles | Pediatrics
    Abstract. IN 1889 Starr published the first comprehensive review of the problem
    of brain tumors in children. This report was followed by those of Read, Tooth and

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  7. diencephalic syndrome of early infancy associated with brain tumor
    Abstract. A case of a diencephalic syndrome in early infancy is presented along
    with a review of nine previously reported cases. This patient, as well as ...

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  8. Molecular Biology of Brain Tumors in Children Homepage
    The clinical features of pediatric brain tumors have been well characterized, and
    a specific histopathological classification exists ( W.H.O. classification, 2007) ...

    ispn.guide/.../ Tumors%20of%20the%20Nervous%20System%20in%20Children/...
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  9. Survival Following Brain Metastases in Wilms' Tumor | Experience ...
    Abstract. The brain is apparently a very rare site for metastases in Wilms' tumor
    and survival of a patient with such metastases with a prolonged disease-free ...

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  10. Overview of brain tumors Overview - Epocrates Online
    Feb 15, 2016 ... Overview of brain tumors overview, diagnosis, treatment options, and images at
    Epocrates Online, the leading provider of drug and disease ...

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