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  1. Do Informal Land Markets Work for Poor People? Literature review
    Transaction costs tend to be higher in land-sale markets and fixed costs
    associated with registration may be higher. • When the value of the ability to use
    land as ...

    www.urbanlandmark.org.za/.../Operation_of_the_land_market_Literature_ Review.pdf
  2. African governments partly to blame for slums
    However, in Africa a maze of regulations and administrative barriers has imposed
    high transaction costs on formal-sector housing entrepreneurs. By raising the ...

  3. Rebuilding The Institutions of land Markets In Post–Conflict African ...
    and connect into economics through transaction and information costs”,. •
    Institutions exist to reduce the costs of transactions – often by reducing

  4. Urban Land Markets in East Africa
    and regulations that influence land transactions, some common features were ....
    transaction costs (survey, stamp duty, land rent, etc.). If a property has been ...

  5. Module 2: Unlocking township markets
    Mar 19, 2008 ... information and trust, or are physically separated. The resources needed to bring
    buyers and sellers together are known as transaction costs.

  6. Land Transactions in Social Housing in the Western Cape of South ...
    Jun 2, 2011 ... system usage in low-cost housing settlements in the Western Cape of South ....
    affordability of transaction costs were identified as significant ...

  7. Presentation
    Nov 2, 2010 ... Transactions and rights holders registered in the Land book (Livre foncier) ...
    registration, access price/poverty, transaction costs, lack of housing ...

  8. Urban Land Markets in Southern African Cities
    through informal land transactions involving customary land. .... transaction costs,
    such as registration fees, that are not affordable for low-income households.

  9. Day 3 – Understanding informal land market dynamics
    Oct 31, 2007 ... about a place and actually have the rights to it. • Transaction cost. –. Average
    financial cost of transacting (transport, fees, people that had.

  10. Property Rates Study
    Oct 28, 2009 ... expensive transaction costs. Barriers to functioning township property market (
    TRPM, Finmark Trust et al. 2004). To what extent can municipal.



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