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  1. Health Complications Associated with Diabetes
    Complications associated with Diabetes, every year millions of Americans suffer
    from them . Left untreated or poorly managed, diabetes can damage major ...

  2. β€œThe Sweet Disease" Diabetes Mellitus
    Diabetes mellitus or simply known as diabetes is a disease in the metabolism
    wherein the blood contains sugar that is either higher or lower than normal levels

  3. Diabetes
    Did you know that daily exercise can keep your diabetes in check? Specific
    exercises can have a tremendous effect on glucose levels for those that have
    type 2 ...

  4. Diabetic Diet – maintain normal blood glucose levels
    The ideal diabetic diet is both simple and liberal. It is simple because the diet
    could be adapted by any diabetic; liberal because it could include all the food ...

  5. Type 2 Diabetes – The Benefits of Exercise
    Did you know that you can easily manage your diabetes just by engaging in
    exercise? There are exercises that have a good effect on the glucose levels of
    those ...

    www.hemorrhoidinformationcenter.com/type-2-diabetes-explaining-the- benefits-of-exercise/
  6. Hypoglycemia and Diabetes
    Diabetes can produce a lot of serious medical complications, and some of these
    short-term complications include hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.

  7. Hyperglycemia: Blood Sugar Levels
    This is a result of the body's inability to produce enough insulin to utilize or store
    glucose. Diabetic patients are unable to produce enough insulin because of a ...

  8. Diarrhea and Hemorrhoids: How does one affect the other?
    ... Sugar substitutes like dietetic candy or chewing gum; All kinds of medications;
    Laxative abuse; Excessive alcohol use; Radiation; Diabetes; Some cancers ...

    www.hemorrhoidinformationcenter.com/diarrhea-and-hemorrhoids-how- does-one-affect-the-other/
  9. Hemorrhoid Information Center β€” H.I.C. Digestive Health Information
    But to those individuals with Diabetes, the food they eat and the frequency of
    those meals is never a careless afterthought. Diabetics must perform a daily ...

  10. Metabolic Disorders: An Overview
    Diabetes is one of the most common metabolic disorders. People suffering from
    diabetes have a difficult time breaking down sugar. Insulin is taken to breakdown



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