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  1. Electronic Thesis & Dissertation (ETD) Guide
    Electronic Thesis & Dissertation. (ETD) Guide. Summer 2011 graduates and after
    . NCSU Graduate School Guidelines and Requirements for Master Theses and ...

    https://www.ncsu.edu/grad/etd/docs/etd-guide.pdf - Cached
  2. Electronic Theses and Dissertations at NC State
    The NCSU Graduate School is 100% electronic with Thesis & Dissertation ... The
    ETD Guide explains in great detail the Graduate School's formatting and ...

    https://www.ncsu.edu/grad/etd/ - Cached
  3. ETD Templates
    The best use of the template is to start out writing the thesis/dissertation in the ...
    Therefore, you must use the Appendix A Checklist in the ETD Guide prior to ...

    https://www.ncsu.edu/grad/etd/templates.html - Cached
  4. 3.7 Theses and Dissertations
    C. Submission Procedures for Theses and Dissertations ... regulations, is
    presented in the University's on-line Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD)

    https://www.ncsu.edu/.../handbook/.../3.7-thesis-and-dissertations.html - Cached
  5. ProQuest - Copyright and Your Dissertation or Thesis
    to Crews guide, which he wrote with the cooperation and support of ... your
    dissertation or thesis will be with ProQuest/UMI and as (hopefully) many of your

    https://www.ncsu.edu/grad/etd/docs/guide5.pdf - Cached
  6. Online Resources
    "Essentials of Thesis (Dissertation) Writing" from the University of Ottawa (PDF) ...
    Student's Guide to Writing Dissertations and Thesis in Tourism Studies and ...

    https://www.ncsu.edu/grad/dss/online-resources.html - Cached
  7. 3.2 Advisory Committees
    approval of the organization, content and format of the thesis or dissertation
    according to NC State required and optional formatting guidelines as provided in
    the ...

    https://www.ncsu.edu/grad/handbook/.../3.2-advisory-committees.html - Cached
  8. ETD Deadlines
    thesis or dissertation student must unconditionally pass the final exam and
    submit ...

    https://www.ncsu.edu/grad/etd/deadlines.html - Cached
  9. ETD Workshop Registration
    WHO ATTENDS: Master's thesis students, doctoral students, faculty, and staff. ...
    attend the ETD Workshop prior to starting to write their thesis or dissertation. ...
    PRE-WORK: Read the information on the ETD Website and read the ETD Guide.

    https://www.ncsu.edu/grad/etd/workshop-registration.html - Cached
  10. Dissertation
    The doctoral dissertation is the document presenting the results of the ... is
    presented in the Graduate School's Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Guide.

    https://www.ncsu.edu/grad/catalog/phd-dissert.html - Cached


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