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  1. What's an SSD? - StorageSearch.com
    There are lots of different types of SSDs, ... Also in enterprise server acceleration
    applications - the benefit of the SSD is that it reduces the number of servers ...

  2. the fastest SSDs - StorageSearch.com
    Before the modern era of SSD market history the main reasons for buying
    enterprise SSDs was acceleration, speed and cost (compared to more / faster ...

  3. SSD ASAPs
    Editor:- June 2, 2014 - Hybrid SSD arrays - which includes auto-tiering / caching
    and other SSD accelerated pools of storage - became 1 of the top 3 product ...

  4. SSD jargon explained
    SSD Endurance - Is a term used in the context of flash memory and SSDs and is
    more verbosely .... ASAPs (Auto-tuning SSD Accelerated Pools of storage )

  5. 12 years of enterprise flash SSDs - SLC, MLC, eMLC, TLC and ...
    The use of flash SSDs in enterprise server acceleration has been hotly and
    seriously debated here in the pages of StorageSearch.com since about 2004.

  6. SSD endurance myths and legends articles on StorageSearch.com
    So that's why SSD endurance (and its role on price and reliability) remains a ....
    The answer explains why the flash SSD server acceleration market still isn't a ...

  7. Who's who in SSD? - Texas Memory Systems
    transition from RAM SSDs to flash SSDs as the dominant memory technology in
    enterprise SSD acceleration. emergence of server side SSD acceleration (in ...

  8. Who's who in SSD? - LSI
    See also:- LSI - editor mentions on StorageSearch.com and LSI's SSD page ....
    can be satisfied by fast-enough SSD acceleration in HDD heavy environments.

  9. Who's who in SSD? - OCZ
    OCZ is an enthusiast SSD brand offered by Toshiba for the consumer market. .....
    SSD ASAPs - market guide to Auto-tuning SSD Accelerated Pools of storage.

  10. towards SSD everywhere software - articles on StorageSearch.com
    PrimaryIO says this is more efficient in its use of flash than traditional approaches
    and can get good caching acceleration with a smaller amount of installed SSD ...



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