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  1. Who was who in SSD? -Trident Space & Defense
    Trident Space & Defense, Advanced Products Group provides advanced ...
    Trident Space & Defense, LLC is a Veteran-Owned, Small Business Company.

  2. rugged military PATA / SATA flash SSDs from Trident Space ...
    SSDs from Market History. The information below the line shows details of an
    archived page from StorageSearch.com from around 2009. Trident's BGADrive ...

  3. First Terabyte SSD in Space - from Mtron article on ...
    May 20, 2008 ... ANITA is a radio telescope attached to NASA's stratospheric balloon to detect
    Cherenkov pulses created when neutrinos from space hit the ice ...

  4. Atmel Ships SPARC Processor for Space Applications - 2000 ...
    Oct 2, 2000 ... Saving 70% of space and weight of earlier versions, it allows denser ... Mr. Jean
    Fran├žois Prost, Equipment Project Manager at Alcatel Space, ...

  5. LEON3 SPARC Processor Licensed for New Space Missions ...
    Itanium-based Server Market Growing Faster than SPARC INTEL DEVELOPER
    FORUM, San Francisco - September 18, 2007 - Today, the Itanium Solutions ...

  6. FREE Dell NAS storage offer
    160 gigabytes. 10 licenses StorageCentral SRM 5.0. Standard Edition, up to 1 TB
    per server. Total cost. NAS space list price. And get this much. Dell PowerVault.

  7. In Space the Data Recovery Engineer can't hear You Scream ...
    Editor:- February 15, 2010 - NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, launched last
    ... although this was a high altitude balloon rather than an outer space rocket.

  8. who's who in SSD? - Microsemi
    ... closer to Microsemi's traditional customer base (military and space systems) it's
    ... on NASA's Juno Spacecraft within the space vehicle's command and control ...

  9. who's who in SSD? - Tanisys Technology - StorageSearch.com
    NASA decided to use Off-the-self parts even in the International Space Station. ...
    from Tanisys' blog - the effects of radiation on SSDs for space applications.

  10. Who's who in SSD? - TCS - TeleCommunication Systems, Inc
    TCS designs SSDs for the space and defense market. ... their acquisition of an
    earlier defense market SSD maker - Trident Space & Defense (in January 2011).



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