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  1. industrial SSDs guide - StorageSearch.com
    electrical power:- industrial SSDs are available with a vast range of power
    consumption envelopes (more than 20 to 1) - and in many applications the SSD ...

  2. SSDs vs HDDs? - that's not exactly the way it happened
    Server acceleration and ruggedized environments (industrial and military) are the
    .... This feature is very important in industrial applications where exposure to ...

  3. who's who in SSD? - Solidata - StorageSearch.com
    Solidata is an industry-leading manufacturer of industrial and military SSDs ...
    high-end embedded and industrial/military application needs. Solidata's SSDs ...

  4. who's who in SSD? - Red Rock Technologies
    ... storage modules for use in military applications, telephony systems, telemetry
    ground stations, ATE applications, and a wide variety of industrial applications.

  5. PATA SSDs on StorageSearch.com
    the changing face of the industrial SSD market ... embedded mass data storage
    applications that require low-power and high-performance yet at the same time, ...

  6. who's who in SSD? - Sage Micro
    This clarifies that their controller design is skinny (doesn't require a DRAM buffer)
    and also says it's high density - for industrial applications - insofar as a single ...

  7. who's who in SSD? - Nantero
    industrial SSD market - re industrial applications - Nantero says its memory "will
    retain memory for >1,000 years at 85 degrees Celsius or more than 10 years at ...

  8. who's who in SSD? - KingFast
    KingFast's SSDs are extensively used in mainstream PCs and in industrial
    applications. And all KingFast's SSDs are backed by a 3-year warranty. see also:

  9. Adding Hot-Swap capabilities for the major operating systems ...
    It is intended as an industrial bus for application in telecommunications, computer
    .... and reloads the relevant drivers, and notifies the application of the event.

  10. over 37 companies make M.2 SSDs - here's the list on ...
    The Force MP500 is Corsair's fastest SSD and uses a controller from Phison. ....
    And in the industrial market InnoDisk - uses what it calls 3rd generation ...



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