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  1. Storage Market Outlook to 2015 - 5 year forecast on StorageSearch ...
    Storage Market Outlook 2010 to 2015......................................... by Zsolt Kerekes,
    editor - November 12, 2009. If you know what's going to happen in the next 5 ...

  2. NAND Flash: Can It Meet the growing storage capacity demands of ...
    drives worldwide in 2010 was 69 exabytes and is forecast to grow to. 95 exabytes
    in 2011.1 That's a lot of storage capacity. What's more, the average capacity of ...

  3. SSDs could be $100 billion market in 2020 - StorageSearch.com
    Jun 21, 2010 ... ... 2013 - 1,000 plus companies - forecast extrapolated from internal market
    models (Later correction:- seen from the perspective of January ...

  4. introduction and summary here (pdf)
    In addition, this report includes forecasts and detailed information on the HDD
    industry and its relationship to SSD adoption in the various markets and.

  5. who's who in SSD market research? - IDC
    We forecast worldwide markets and trends and analyze business strategies,
    technologies, and vendors, using a combination of rigorous primary research and

  6. market research directory - StorageSearch.com
    So if you're looking at flash market sizing data take a look at NVMdurance's new
    flash memory forecasts page which lists headline numbers from an assortment ...

  7. SSD news June 2015 on StorageSearch.com
    "We currently forecast that ASP per GB for enterprise SSD will decline to around
    $0.37 over our forecast period. And global enterprise storage units will grow ...

  8. Qualstar Ends 9 Track Tape Drives Production - Storage news 2002 ...
    Sep 23, 2002 ... Infonetics's biannual service tracks and forecasts 1G and 2G FibreChannel SAN
    hardware, and will track and forecast SAN hardware that ...

  9. Hybrid SSDs - articles on StorageSearch.com
    The report tells why the technology failed in the past, and forecasts its anticipated
    growth. Objective Analysis says this technology was well conceived but poorly ...

  10. who's who in SSD market research? - Web-Feet
    ... Market Shares by Vendor report ($2,500) includes market shares by vendor for
    total nv memory (all types) and includes breakdowns by vendor and forecasts.



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