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  1. SSDs with fast erase and data purge - article on StorageSearch.com
    smoking data wipe-out video. smoking renice Editor:- April 29, 2016 - Usually the
    last thing you want to see as an SSD designer is your hot new product going ...

  2. military SSD drives with secure erase encryption and self-destruct ...
    The first time I read about Waitan's secure SSDs - the thing which grabbed my
    attention as being different was their management options for fast secure erase ...

  3. SSD Security directory StorageSearch.com
    A press release today from Foremay suggests a fast and scalable sanitization
    route may come from what they call "crypto erase" - which renders all data ...

  4. overview of Foremay's military SSDs - StorageSearch.com
    Mar 18, 2016 ... Editor:- January 26, 2016 - When it comes to SSD security - how fast is fast erase
    ? A press release today from Foremay suggests a fast and ...

  5. Sanitization Methods for Cleaning Up Hard Disk Drives - article ...
    There are several software programs that allow a user to attach a drive to his
    computer and erase its content. And on a fast computer this could run pretty fast.

  6. Who's who in SSD? - Emphase
    The MIL-SPEC S5 SSD has R/W speeds upto 170 / 90MB/sec respectively and
    fast erase. Should the drive lose power during a protect, erase, or destroy ...

  7. Who's who in SSD? - Foremay
    Also in November 2009 - Foremay announced that secure erase and fast purge
    options are now available for most models in its SC199 SSD product family.

  8. Hard Disk Sanitizers on StorageSearch.com
    disk erase hardware, erase software, mechanical disk shredding and tape .... The
    need for fast and secure data erase - in which vital parts of a flash SSD or its ...

  9. Who's who in SSD? - APRO
    Although they offer secure erase - their fast erase takes about 30 minutes for a
    128GB SSD. For competing suppliers look in these directories:- 1.8" SSDs, 2.5" ...

  10. Military SSDs - on StorageSearch.com
    Cactus 2.5" rugged SLC SSD · military grade 2.5" SATA SLC SSDs -45C to 90C /
    quick erase 512GB in <15S from Cactus Technologies ...



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