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  1. Is deduplication of data safe? - and SSD related dedupe articles
    Sep 22, 2008 ... Dedupe started out as a simple idea. But it could never stay that way. Vendors
    offer different approaches each of what they think are best.

  2. Data Domain - acquired disk to disk backup and dedupe storage ...
    Data Domain - circa 2008. Data DomainĀ® is the leading provider of
    Deduplication Storage systems for disk backup and network-based disaster

  3. who's who in SSD? - Astute Networks
    Astute uses both iSCSI acceleration and internal line-speed dedupe to ... which
    with dedupe enabled can deliver $2,000 / TB and even with dedupe switched off

  4. who's who in SSD? - Permabit
    Editor's comments:- September 2013 - Permabit entered the SSD software
    market in the 1st quarter of 2012 when it launched a low latency dedupe engine (
    pdf) ...

  5. Who's who in SSD? - GreenBytes
    OK - not so many bundling in dedupe and compression - but EasyCo was doing
    compression in enterprise flash SSD racks in 2007 - and WhipTail was shipping ...

  6. OCZ gets $15 million to boost SSD growth - StorageSearch.com ...
    Editor:- March 29, 2010 - GreenBytes today unveiled the GB-1000 (under
    $10,000) a 1U 4TB SSD accelerated dedupe appliance which supports
    simultaneous ...

  7. iSCSI SSDs - StorageSearch.com
    Editor:- October 20, 2015 - Permabit today announced that its inline dedupe and
    compression software is used in BiTMICRO's new rackmount SSD white boxes ...

  8. Who's who in SSD? - Kaminario
    In this context - "usable GB" is the effective virtual capacity seen by the customer's
    apps when Kaminario's compression and dedupe are in operation. (See also:- ...

  9. the Top 10 Storage Software Companies
    1, FalconStor Software, FalconStor is involved in some of the fastest growing
    segments in the storage market:- iSCSI, disk to disk backup and dedupe.

  10. StorageSearch.com article - How many disks does it take to store a ...
    Nov 10, 2010 ... But if you add in the random access time requirement - then most hard disk
    based compression and dedupe systems still fail to meet the ...



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