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  1. 2005, June week 1, news archive on STORAGE search .com
    TMS Adds Chipkill Protection to Fastest Storage Spectra Logic Halves Tape
    Library Price Semico Clarifies Hard Disk vs Flash Wars HP Appoints New Chief ...

  2. SSD jargon explained
    The no SPOF SSD has internal FT features such as RAID, plane failure
    management and chipkill - and can fail-over the entire flash array to an alternate
    PCIe ...

  3. classic SSDs - the RamSan-500 - from Texas Memory Systems
    The data in DDR RAM is protected with ECC and Chipkill. The DDR RAM cache
    is battery-backed up with redundant batteries. The Flash Memory (1-2TB usable ...

  4. RamSan-440 is a 600k IOPS RAM SSD from Texas Memory ...
    ... Full array of hardware redundancy to ensure availability; IBM Chipkill
    technology protects against memory errors up to and including loss of a memory

  5. World's First Notebooks Appear Using SSDs - archived Sun, SPARC ...
    The 8GB capacity, not available from Sun, consists of a matched pair of DDR333/
    PC2700 ECC DIMMs. All capacities support Chipkill, an advanced form of ECC, ...

  6. Sun SPARC and Solaris news in the SPARC Product Directory
    Jul 31, 2004 ... The new 1GB & 2GB memory upgrade kits with chipkill technology will enhance
    the computing power of Sun's new line of AMD Opteron-based ...

  7. STEC acquires fast enterprise SSD maker Gnutek - SSD news ...
    Oct 20, 2006 ... Additionally, the RamSan-300 includes IBM's Chipkill technology, which helps
    prevent data corruption, even if an entire memory chip is lost.

  8. 2002, March week 4a, Storage news archive on STORAGEsearch.com
    Mar 26, 2002 ... The 2GB registered DIMM uses 36 pieces of stacked 512Mb components
    organized 256M x 4 which means it can support chip-kill, a feature ...

  9. 2004, August week 3, news archive on STORAGE search .com
    The new 1GB & 2GB memory upgrade kits with chipkill technology will enhance
    the computing power of Sun's new line of AMD Opteron-based workstations that ...

  10. Solid State Disk (SSD) Buyers Guide - 2005 - article on STORAGE ...
    In a related move, in June 2005 the company introduced Chipkill technology into
    its systems which protects against multi-bit errors and guarantees no data is ...



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