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  1. the Top SSD Companies in 2013 Q4
    Feb 4, 2014 ... This was Fusion-io's 20th straight quarter at the top of this list - confirming it's still
    regarded as an uber super leading enterprise SSD company ...

  2. data integrity challenges in flash SSD design and emerging nvms
    Oct 28, 2009 ... Uncorrectable Bit Error Rates (UBER) occur when a sector (HDD) or flash block
    or page (SSD) goes bad or there is an error reading back the ...

  3. details of the WD SiliconDrive A100 SLC flash SSDs from WD - info ...
    ... from an ungraceful power-down, brownout, power spike or unstable voltage
    level. UBER:- <1 in 1015; power consumption:- 0.5W (idle) / 0.9W (average active

  4. SF-2000 Family SSD Processors
    Oct 7, 2010 ... SandForce SF-1500. Assumptions. • JEDEC Enterprise App Class 1 (proposed). •
    200GB capacity, 4GB MLC die. Standard. UBER=1x10-15.

  5. iSCSI SSDs - StorageSearch.com
    iSCSI SSDs market. by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - StorageSearch.com. see also:-
    iSCSI SSDs - elsewhere on StorageSearch.com. iSCSI SSD news. AccelStor
    says ...

  6. read the article (pdf)
    Another key of Non-Balance algorithm is when the block UBER (Uncorrectable
    Bit Error Rate) reaches a certain threshold, MLC mode should be switched ...

  7. SATA version
    UBER. 1 in 1017. 1 in 1017. 1 in 1017. 1 in 1017. MTBF2. 2,000,000 hours.
    2,000,000 hours. 2,000,000 hours. 2,000,000 hours. Data Integrity. End-to-end
    Data ...

  8. Who's who in SSD? - Intel
    UBER is 1 sector per 1016 bits read. In July 2012 - Intel acquired NEVEX - (an
    SSD software company with products in the SSD caching market. In February ...

  9. Who's who in SSD? - Fusion-io
    When uber new dynasty SSD users report faults - they route around them. Then
    when the time comes to upgrade the CPU and storage capacity per square foot ...

  10. STEC's whitepaper (pdf)
    Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate (UBER). Advanced ECC techniques enable a higher
    degree of protection against media errors, leading to improved endurance.



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