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  1. who's who in SSD? - Plexistor
    Plexistor, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Mountain View (with its R&D in
    Herzliya, Israel) has built a new Software-Defined Memory (SDM) platform to ...

  2. Plexistor releases Software Defined Memory and other SSD news in ...
    Jan 14, 2016 ... "We've found that a significant number of SSDs will die entirely if the voltage rails
    are pulled to ground for (as little as) a 1mS period. Technical ...

  3. presentation (ppt)
    Sharon Azulai, Plexistor CEO | Jan 20, 2016. Plexistor Company Background.
    Ground breaking big data economics via. Memory and Storage Convergence.

  4. towards SSD everywhere software - articles on StorageSearch.com
    Editor:- December 15, 2015 - Plexistor (an SSD software company emerging from
    stealth in stages) announced today that it is on track for beta release of its ...

  5. SSD news from StorageSearch.com
    ... says Google field study. January 2016 · Quarch says many SSDs fail their first
    hot plug tests. Plexistor announces availability of its Software Defined Memory ...

  6. SSD news in August 2016 on StorageSearch.com
    Plexistor demonstrates low latency memory fabric on commodity hardware. Editor
    :- August 19, 2016 - If you don't want to be tied to any particular proprietary big ...

  7. SSD cloud storage - StorageSearch.com
    Editor:- January 26, 2016 - Plexistor today announced the availability of its
    Software Defined Memory (SDM) architecture for both on-premise and cloud-
    based ...

  8. the Top SSD Companies in 2016 Q1 - StorageSearch.com
    May 28, 2016 ... Plexistor's Software Defined Memory brings SCM latency capability to flash
    anywhere (not just flash in DIMMs). SSD news archive - February ...

  9. the history of data storage from the news archive of StorageSearch ...
    Everspin's MRAM adopted in Modicon industrial controllers. January 2016,
    Plexistor releases beta Software Defined Memory Quarch Technology says many

  10. DRAM's growing indeterminate latencies underlie the market ...
    Mar 1, 2016 ... Plexistor says that its Software-Defined Memory platform will support a wide
    range of memory and storage technologies such as DRAM and ...



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