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  1. who's who in SSD? - NexGen - profile on StorageSearch.com profile
    Unlike other storage solutions that treat all data the same, NexGen's policy-based
    Quality of Service enables customers to avoid the high cost of all-flash arrays ...

  2. who's who in SSD? - Pivot3 started as a RAID company
    In January 2016 - Pivot3 eased its way into the SSD market by announcing that it
    had agreed to acquire NexGen Storage (which had been in the auto tiering ...

  3. SSD news on StorageSearch.com - January 2015
    SanDisk spins off NexGen. Editor:- January 8, 2015 - SanDisk today clarified that
    "Hybrid systems incorporating hard-disk drives are not part of SanDisk's ...

  4. IT Brand Pulse Brand Leader Report
    Aug 5, 2014 ... www.worldstopdatacenters.com. 10. Fusion-io. Congratulations to the Flash. Start
    -ups Who Won a Chair. Virident. Whiptail. NexGen.

  5. iSCSI SSDs - StorageSearch.com
    NexGen will be led by John Spiers who was co-founder and CEO of the original
    NexGen company before its acquisition by Fusion-io in April 2013 (for $119 ...

  6. NAS - Network Attached SSDs and Storage on StorageSearch.com
    Pivot3 acquires NexGen. Editor:- January 27, 2016 - NexGen Storage
    announced today it has agreed to be acquired by Pivot3. Editor's comments:- The
    last time ...

  7. SSD news June 2015 on StorageSearch.com
    NexGen decouples from Fusion-io accelerator juice ... in its hybrid storage arrays
    with the announcement today that NexGen has introduced NVMe readiness as ...

  8. towards SSD everywhere software - articles on StorageSearch.com
    Editor:- June 30, 2015 - As previously signaled - NexGen Storage has decoupled
    itself from relying on SanDisk's PCIe SSD product line in its hybrid storage ...

  9. Plexistor releases Software Defined Memory and other SSD news in ...
    Jan 14, 2016 ... On the other hand we're heard about NexGen many times in recent years.
    Combining the software and architecture from these 2 companies ...

  10. SSD Market History (1970s to 2017) - StorageSearch.com
    SanDisk spun off NexGen Storage as a separate company. This was - in effect -
    undoing the last acqusition made by Fusion-io in the year before its acquisition ...



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