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  1. Who's who in SSD? - NVMdurance
    May 23, 2016 ... NVMdurance was founded in Ireland in 2013 when the ADAPT project was spun
    out of the National Digital Research Centre in Ireland.

  2. NVMdurance – Extending flash endurance
    NVMdurance software implements a set of NAND flash optimization techniques
    that constantly monitors the health of the NAND flash and autonomically adjusts.

    NVMdurance provides software that is proven to make flash memory last longer
    by extending the intrinsic endurance of the NAND flash. This means that to the ...

  4. flash SSD endurance - some limericks - on StorageSearch.com
    Apr 21, 2016 ... I had intended to write more about NVMdurance's technology at some time
    although this rhyme was not precisely the kind of thing I had in mind.

  5. SSD news from StorageSearch.com in July 2016
    Jul 22, 2016 ... In a conversation with NVMdurance's CEO - Pearse Coyle earlier this year (April
    2016) almost the first thing I did was try to relate and place the ...

  6. SSD news archive - April 2016 - on StorageSearch.com
    "NVMdurance has already turned down 5 acquisition attempts." Pearse Coyle,
    CEO - NVMdurance in the blog - Memories will be made of this - published in ...

  7. SSD news from StorageSearch.com in March 2016
    Mar 16, 2016 ... Editor:- March 29 , 2016 - NVMdurance recently announced it has completed a
    $2.5 million Series A round of financing. Existing investors New ...

  8. SSD controllers and IP define the personality of the SSD - the classic ...
    SSD controller news (extracted from SSD news). NVMdurance awarded US
    patent for Adaptive Flash Tuning Editor:- March 21, 2017 - NVMdurance today ...

  9. this is the new edition of the Top SSD Companies List published ...
    Mar 10, 2017 ... 16 - NVMdurance - up 11 places. This is the first time in the Top SSD Companies
    List for NVMdurance. flash endurance technologies, SSD ...

  10. storage reliability articles - StorageSearch.com
    relating NVMdurance's machine learning to manual tuning. Editor:- July 29, 2016
    - Nearly every SSD in the market today from the smallest SSD on a chip to the ...



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