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  1. Who's who in SSD? - BeSang
    Sep 26, 2016 ... BeSang's cutting edge 3D IC technologies enable stacking multiple ... NOR-
    based NVDIMMs, such as 3D Super-NOR and 3D XPoint, will ...

  2. who's who in SSD? - Diablo Technologies
    A new video - 3D XPoint, reality, opportunity, competition - by Sang Yung Lee, ...
    as important - you'll see where 3D XPoint is unlikely to be the best fit technology ...

  3. what's RAM really? - RAM in an SSD context - StorageSearch.com
    3D X-Point Technology will have a big impact on DRAM growth (with DRAM
    sales down $6.7 billion to $15.6 billion due to XPoint by 2020) with XPoint
    revenues ...

  4. Who's who in SSD? - Intel
    ... to news that Intel would enter the DIMM wars markets (targeting both memory
    channel SSD and SCM) with a non volatile memory technology called 3D XPoint

  5. SSD Market History - 2015 on StorageSearch.com
    "Storage-class 3D ReRAM will ship in 2016" - said Tezzaron. ... talking about
    acquiring Micron - and 2 weeks before the 3D XPoint preannouncement with Intel

  6. SSD news in June 2016 on StorageSearch.com
    placing 3D XPoint claims in context. Editor:- June 23, 2016 - If you've been trying
    to renconcile Intel / Micron competitive claims about 3D XPoint compared to ...

  7. Maxta offers free version of SDS software and other news in ...
    Sep 29, 2016 ... NOR-based NVDIMMs, such as 3D Super-NOR and 3D XPoint, will replace
    DRAM and SSD at the same time. Also, software-based NVDIMM-P ...

  8. market research directory - StorageSearch.com
    The memories addressed in this report overview (pdf) include PRAM, RRAM,
    MRAM, STT MRAM as well as the recently announced 3D X-Point Technology.

  9. a winter's tale of SSD market influences - from industrial flash ...
    NOR-based NVDIMMs, such as 3D Super-NOR and 3D XPoint, will replace
    DRAM and SSD at the same time. Also, software-based NVDIMM-P, such as ...

  10. SSD news stories in December 2016 on StorageSearch.com
    Editor:- December 6, 2016 - 3D XPoint: a Guide to the Future of SCM - a recent
    blog on Tom's Hardware keeps alive the ongoing story of this preannounced and



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