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  1. BI in Action
    You may recall that in February, I wrote about a company called SQLstream, and
    lauded its ability to deliver elements of real-time business intelligence. Well ...
  2. Harnessing Social Business Intelligence: Nine Strategic Uses - Dion ...
    Aug 22, 2011 ... 2. Business intelligence must look at the whole ecosystem. Looking just at one's
    own databases, or even the information that business partners ...
  3. New Frontiers in Business Intelligence: Consumer Intelligence ...
    The promise of mobile business intelligence has been talked about for some time
    .Many companies are beginning to implement BYOM policies: Bring Your Own ...
  4. Ted Cuzzillo's BI: Business intelligence Archives
    Many in the business intelligence industry talk about organizational problems
    getting in BI's way, but few talk about them very much. Scratch the surface of most
  5. New Frontiers in Business Intelligence: Business Datawarehousing ...
    Some time ago I wrote another blog entry - Five Root Causes of Bad Data Quality
    in Business Intelligence. The fifth root cause of bad data quality is errors in the ...
  6. New Frontiers in Business Intelligence: Cloud Computing Archives
    I have been ranting about how Business Intelligence needs to be quickly
    consumable even though it takes great effort to get the data, clean it and put it in
    big ...
  7. The Truth about BI and Privacy Issues - Leveraging Information and ...
    Jan 4, 2010 ... ... tool you can do good with it, or bad. While the idea behind business
    intelligence is to cull the right information from billions of individual...
  8. Business Intelligence or Business Analytics? - James Taylor's ...
    Mar 24, 2009 ... At the SAS Global Forum this week some SAS speakers drew a distinction
    between Business Intelligence - BI - and Business Analytics.
  9. Business Intelligence could cause privacy's why ...
    Mar 2, 2009 ... What is that you say, BI causing privacy issues? No way! Way! With the advent
    and wide spread use of social network systems such as Twitter, ...
  10. Is Business Intelligence part of Enterprise Architecture? - Leveraging ...
    Aug 20, 2009 ... The question this week in eBizq was around the consideration of business
    intelligence within the context of enterprise architecture. Is it there?


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