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  1. MousePointer
    Apr 5, 2015 ... The mouse pointer, or just pointer, is a graphic indication of the mouse position.
    Sometimes, people use the words “pointer” and “cursor” ...

  2. EmacsWiki: Mouse Plus
    Dec 22, 2010 ... Do you sometimes have trouble telling exactly where your MousePointer is
    pointing, and end up pasting one character to the left or right of what ...

  3. EmacsWiki: Category Glossary
    Apr 29, 2012 ... ... MinorMode · ModeLine · ModifierKeys · MousePointer · Narrowing · Point ·
    PrefixArgument · Region · RegularExpression · RequiredFeature ...

  4. EmacsWiki: Point
    Apr 5, 2015 ... The TextCursor (not the MousePointer) defines the position of point, which is the
    text insertion position. Point is one end of the region. The other ...

  5. EmacsWiki: Sticky Menus
    Sep 5, 2008 ... When I click on a menubar or on an entry for a submenu, this particular menu
    should stay open even when I move the MousePointer onto the ...

  6. EmacsWiki: Emacs Newbie Mouse Reference
    Sep 5, 2008 ... The TextCursor (not the MousePointer) defines the position of Point, which is one
    end of the Region. The other end is the Mark. The mark is ...

  7. mouse-avoidance-mode
    Dec 12, 2008 ... MouseAvoidance · MouseAvoidance moves your MousePointer out of your way
    M-x mouse-avoidance-mode (mouse-avoidance-mode 'none) ; ...

  8. EmacsWiki: Pointer Shape
    May 27, 2010 ... The MousePointer is not the same as the TextCursor. The pointer shows where
    the mouse is; the cursor shows where Point is. You can change ...

  9. EmacsWiki: Artist Mode
    ... when you have line numbers turned on via setnu-mode the point where
    drawing takes place is shifted by the appropriate space to the left of the

  10. EmacsWiki: Speed Bar
    5 days ago ... Beware: doing this may make your MousePointer jump somewhere you don't
    expect it to in X. Speedbar Without A Separate Frame; Questions ...


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