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  1. EmacsWiki: GNEVE
    Sep 5, 2008 ... GNEVE is GNU Emacs Video Editor mode. It's based on MLT framework and
    works with Edit Decision Lists (EDL). http://1010.co.uk/gneve.html.

  2. EmacsWiki: SESE
    Sep 5, 2008 ... SESE is a small utility I wrote for creating subtitles for a movie. It's inspired by
    GNEVE. GNEVE promises to do much more than what I needed, ...

  3. EmacsWiki: Emacs Screencasts
    Jan 23, 2016 ... ... column editing; rebox2 screencast by LeWang. GNEVE / GNU Emacs Video
    Editing demonstration video on Youtube, edited by GNEVE.

  4. EmacsWiki: Diane Murray
    Mar 19, 2009 ... I'm very interested in GNEVE and etracker, though I haven't tried them out yet. I
    don't suffer from RepeatedStrainInjury like many others, but I ...



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