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  1. March 1996 (AR61)
    On October 29, soon after AR60 was mailed, Evangelist Ronald Dart, for many
    years GTA's right hand man, sent a letter to all his "friends and brethren in the
    CGI ...
  2. Worldwide Church of God and Alcoholism
    Ron Dart took his place. I had no idea who Dart was, but it was, none-the-less, a
    rewarding evening. But I was very disappointed that Garner Ted Armstrong ...
  3. Fleecing the Flock
    1-29-69, 18634, Ron Dart, Appliances, Drapery, $5,000. 7-10-69, 20123, Ron
    Dart, All furnishings, interior and exterior, wall coverings, etc. $40,000. 11-3-69 ...
  4. July 1996 (AR62)
    As for evangelist Ron Dart, formerly top assistant to Garner Ted Armstrong, we
    understand that his new organization, Christian Educational Ministries (CEM), ...
  5. September 1993 (AR53)
    Besides pastoring a congregation, Pope plans to start his own religious
    broadcast. To counter Pope's "rebellion," CGI briefly dispatched Ron Dart to
    Oklahoma ...
  6. Tkach, Meredith, Flurry, Hulme Disfellowshipped! Garner Ted Armstrong William Dankerbring Ron Dart
    Robert Dick Gerald Flurry David Hulme Leslie McCullough. Roderick Meredith
  7. snit – The Painful Truth Blog
    Jan 28, 2016 ... The late Ron Dart did reasonably well without the use of BI, Church Eras, Place
    of Safety and other fringe and wedge doctrines. But then, he ...
  8. watch64
    Holy Existentialism! First David Hulme butchers a quote from Søren Kierkegaard (
    in his first television special for COG-aic), but who'd have guessed Ron Dart ...
  9. Garner Ted Armstrong
    Initially there was momentum behind the new structure as an assortment of
    leading ministers began to fall in behind him (Ron Dart, Wayne Cole, David
  10. Links
    An independent ministry run by Ronald Dart, once Garner Ted Armstrong's right-
    hand man. CEM resources are used by many local congregations, including the ...


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