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  1. battlebots | Robots Dreams
    Apr 13, 2015 ... King Kizer Z stands just over 2 meters tall and tips the scales at 230 kg (506 lb.)
    which makes it a very formidable opponent, especially since ...
  2. nao | Robots Dreams | Page 2
    Napalan entered J2 in the middle-weight humanoid kung fu category where it
    would potentially go head to head with bruisers like King Kizer, Wimbleton, and ...
    Maru-san (King Kizer) rushing to catch the Shinkansen after the IREX 2011
    ROBO-ONE event. robo-one robot king kizer 2. robo-one robot king kizer 3.
  4. kondo | Robots Dreams
    ROBO-ONE Champion Robot Goes 'Real Steel' as 'Real King Kizer' ... Naoki
    Maru and his son have transformed their life-sized King Kizer humanoid robot
    into ...
  5. March | 2008 | Robots Dreams
    Mar 31, 2008 ... We would like to offer our sincere congratulations to the Maru Family and King
    Kizer on winning the ROBO-ONE 13 Championship. It's a hard ...
  6. November | 2013 | Robots Dreams
    Nov 30, 2013 ... King Kizer Z Breaks Bricks Like Chuck Norris (Video) ... King Kizer Z shows off its
    power with the classic karate brick breaking demonstration: ...
  7. July | 2008 | Robots Dreams
    Jul 31, 2008 ... It's not unusual to see champion builders piloting their creations in the ring, like
    King Kizer or Onimaru. Check out some of our previous posts ...


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