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Using the Google Marker

The Google Marker allows you to add and label sites in your Custom Search Engine. Please note that you must already have created or signed up to collaborate on a Custom Search Engine to use the Google Marker with a Custom Search Engine.

Once you are ready, simply add the Google Marker link below to your browser toolbar.

  • Firefox users: Drag the marker into the Bookmarks Toolbar.
  • Internet Explorer users: Right-click on the marker, then select "Add to Favorites" > "Links."

Google Marker

Now, when you're on a site or page that you'd like to include or exclude in your Custom Search Engine, click on the 'Google Marker' link in your browser toolbar.

Google Marker button dragged to browser bookmark toolbar

Select from the Marker whether you'd like to include or exclude the entire site or just the page you are visiting. Your Google Marker will also allow you to select any refinement labels that apply to your Custom Search Engine that you can use to annotate the site.

Google Marker interface