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  1. Professional Learning Units
    Unit 3: Learning designs. No single method of professional development will help
    all teachers develop the knowledge and skills they need to reach every ...

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  2. Powerful Learning Designs
    How do you know whether or not the professional learning designs you are using
    in your school or district are effective? The Australia Institute for Teaching and ...

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  3. JSD, October 2011: Learning Designs
    Oct 30, 2011 ... How adults learn forms the foundation of the Learning Designs standard
    Download Now. Understanding how adults learn is an essential ...

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  4. Powerful Designs: Collaborative Analysis of Student Learning
    In this webinar, Amy Colton and Georgea Langer provide an overview of the
    Collaborative Analysis of Student Learning (CASL) learning design, including
    why ...

    https://learningforward.org/learning.../collaborative-analysis-of-student- learning
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  5. Helping Adults Learn
    In this webinar, authors Eleanor Drago-Severson and Patricia Roy explore key
    components of Learning Forward's Learning Designs standard and provide ...

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  6. Reach the Highest Standard in Professional Learning: Learning ...
    Reach the Highest Standard in Professional Learning: Learning Designs.
    Eleanor Drago-Severson, Patricia Roy, & Valerie von Frank. In this volume, you'll
    get ...

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  7. JSD
    learning-forward-header-logo ... Transform Professional Learning ... Literacy
    Design Collaborative's instructional design system guides teachers in a
    backward ...

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  8. Using Social Media in Professional Learning
    In this webinar, Lois Brown Easton and Lyn Hilt kick of a three-week mini-series
    on learning designs with a discussion of strategies for using social media to ...

    https://learningforward.org/learning.../using-social-media-in-professional- learning
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  9. Powerful Designs for Professional Learning, 3rd Edition
    Lois Brown Easton. Filled with 24 learning designs, the latest edition of Learning
    Forward's bestseller helps educators understand the kinds of learning ...

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  10. Powerful Designs: Instructional Rounds
    In this webinar, Lois Brown Easton and Lee Teitel continue our three-week mini-
    series on learning designs with a discussion of a model for implementing ...

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