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  1. rspec.vim - Rspec syntax highlighting : vim online
    Apr 29, 2013 ... Rspec.vim. This is improved syntax highlighting for rspec. This is pulled from [
    Specky]( ...
  2. Vim Rspec - Enable the use of the spec command inside Vim : vim ...
    created by. Eustaquio Rangel de Oliveira Jr. script type. utility. description. This
    plugin make easy to run the spec command inside Vim. You need Hpricot ...
  3. Specky! - Functions to help make behavioral testing easy with ruby ...
    Specky is a small collection of Vim functions to help make behavioral testing
    streamlined ... "Snippets" for rspec, using the Snipmate (vimscript #2540) plugin.
  4. Rubytest.vim - Run ruby tests in vim : vim online
    Rubytest.vim will help you to run ruby test (including vanilla test, rspec, shoulda
    etc.) in vim. Installation ------------ Unzip downloaded file and copy rubytest.vim to
  5. Vim script links : vim online
    E.g., the vim.vim syntax file goes into $VIMRUNTIME/syntax and the vim.vim
    indent script goes into ... rspec,
  6. vim-polyglot - A collection of language packs for Vim. : vim online
    A solid yet lightweight language pack for Vim. ...
    polyglot ... properly detect rspec syntax (switch to own fork of rspec,vim) - remove
  7. apidock.vim - Plugin that searches Rails/Ruby ...
    Mar 5, 2009 ... This plugin allows you to browse APIdock's Ruby, Rails, and RSpec docs from
    within Vim. It will invoke Firefox from the command line, and ...
  8. Ruby Single Test - Runs a single Ruby test under the cursor : vim ...
    Supports Test::Unit, Rspec and Minitest. If run on an Rspec describe block it will
    run all the tests in that block (just using existing spec command-line functionality
  9. rails.vim - Ruby on Rails: easy file navigation, enhanced syntax ...
    Extract the zip file to ~/.vim (or vimfiles on Windows). ... Support rails_helper.rb
    from rspec 3 on :Eintegrationtest. ... Support RSpec 2 backtrace format in :Rake.
  10. yankstack - lightweight implementation of emacs' kill ring for vim ...
    yankstack : lightweight implementation of emacs' kill ring for vim ... Add test
    coverage using rspec and [vimbot](! -
    Perfect ...


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